Sunday, March 30, 2014


I felt very French in this outfit for work yesterday as I sported my favourite Country Road high waisted shorts. Stripes will always be in as far as I'm concerned as I pretended it was colder than it is with long sleeves.

Tomorrow marks the start of half yearlys - the first assessment block for my HSC that goes over 2 weeks. I was very lucky with my schedule as 3 out of my 4 exams are in the first week, and religion is on monday at 9am…. so… I have a 1pm flight for MELBOURNE!! Woohoo!! I'll finally be back in my favourite place with Mum just for 5 days but man I could not be more excited. I'm hoping the weather will be a little colder down there as I can hopefully get some wear out of some of my new jackets. There will many photos and much much much more shopping. 

Stay tuned, 

Han xx

Wearing: Country Road high waisted shorts, stripe top and bag || Tony Bianco boots || Dallas and Carlos necklace || Marc by Marc Jacobs watch || Lovisa and Cat Hammill bracelets || Pandora and Antique rings

a little bit naughty

Okay I know I'm a bad person. I have seriously neglected you blog and you have every right to hate me… but please… take me back? I promise to treat you right………….. and then we lived happily ever after.

Okay so prepare for my excuses… but a) I underestimated the extent of what the NSW HSC involved… and man I've been busy b) I'm been working a lot… and c) I don't even know what else to say I've just been exposed to a horrendous amount of business. But hey, I'm back, I have some catching up to do and I'm here to stay. 

So to make it up to you blog I will be inundating you with numerous posts in the next hour because you have missed A LOT. 

So here we go. 

In this post I went to Sydney, rocked it out representing Karl… and may or may not have been put on the naughty list of the banking world. But yeah, this happened. I couldn't help it. Just look at that perfect piece of handcrafted perfection… black, white, gold and all things sexy. I could not help it - guilty.. sue me. And yeah these Marc Jacobs babes happened as well… and they feel like slippers. They are seriously so comfortable it's ridiculous. 

Wearing: Country Road top and skirt || Wittner boots || Chanel bag || Dallas and Carlos necklace || Lovisa and Cat Hammil bracelets || Marc by Marc Jacobs watch || Pandora and Antique rings

Shown: Chanel bag || Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes

Sunday, March 2, 2014


Yesterday was probably the first saturday i've had off work in a longggg time so Mum and I capitalised on the opportunity with lunch at Terrigal, shopping and… we bought a jeep. 


Wearing: Country Road top || Evil Twin pants || Wittner shoes || Lovisa and Cat Hammill bracelet || Dallas and Carlos necklace || Pandora and Antique rings

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

chop chop

If you guys follow my instagram, you would notice that I have chopped pretty much half of my hair off! It was quite drastic for me as i've literally had long hair past my boobs since I was 8 but my god did my ends need it. I'm so happy with the super chic and super edgy, blunt result and love being back to black. I couldn't be happier with the result :)


Wearing: Country Road shorts || Agent Ninety-Nine tee || RVCA men's denim vest || Windsor Smith shoes || Dallas and Carlos necklace || Marc Jacobs watch || Lovisa and Cat Hammill bracelet || Pandora and Antique rings


Just a few updates from my Instagram as well as some other little outfit shots from work. 

You should all obviously hit up my insta for more pics like these, and if you have good posts i'll 99.9% follow you back - @hannahleaveyy


Image 1: Country Road knit, jeggings and purse || Mimi loves Jimi boots || Marc Jacobs watch || Pandora rings
Image 3: Country Road pants and purse || Acne shoes || Pandora rings
Image 4+5: Country Road jeggings, top and bag || Marc Jacobs watch || Timberland boat shoes

that view

A few quick snaps from Emily's 18th - the first 18th of the ladiez! We just had a ladiez cocktail night featuring Jay with good times and an even better view. 

I also finally got to wear this beautiful Wish dress that you can't really see but just trust me on this one that it's beautiful.


Wearing: Wish dress || Dallas and Carlos necklace

Saturday, February 15, 2014


I feel as though my posts always begin with an apology… so I won't apologise... but I will ask you to overlook the less that aesthetically pleasing background to these images as i'm amidst renovating my yard at my new house. Please focus on the clothing.

I'm obsessing over these new Wittner penny loafers as well as these Country Road pants that are uber cool. 

I'm currently finding myself constantly tieing anything and everything (well… not anything, but you get the picture) around my waist over baggy layers to make myself look cooler than I actually am. (It seems to be working).

I've been busy with work and slacking on school and my feet are currently aching. 


Wearing: Country Road silk pants, singlet and boyfriend blazer (tied) || Wittner loafers || Marc Jacobs watch || Dallas and Carlos necklace || Cat Hammil and Lovisa bracelets || Pandora and Antique rings