Tuesday, July 16, 2013


These are just a couple of the millions of selfies on my mac Photo Booth haha. These were taken on a quiet night at work back when the whether was a bit nicer and I was actually physically able to wear short dresses without looking like a frozen loon. I wanted to post these in order to highlight my favourite watch ever, the most awesome watch of all time. My Dolce & Gabbana gold beauty!! I’ve had this watch for about 4 years now? and i’ve literally received probably more than 50 compliments on it. It is honestly a showstopper and one of my favourite pieces I own. It’s flashy, it’s sexy and it actually functions as a mirror (which always comes in handy) haha. I have this gem in silver as well but don’t use it nearly as much as I do the gold, which just screams perfection. There is never a dull day wearing this watch.

P.s. Please ignore the random coffee cup -__-

Dolce & Gabbana watch // Dallas & Carlos FASHION cuff // Sportsgirl, Lovisa and Pandora rings 


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