Saturday, January 11, 2014

i'm wide eyed and so damn caught in the middle

I apologise for my absence but i've been couch-ridden with a cold/cough combo and my pyjamas don't make for much of an outfit post. Despite this hindrance I have been fortunate enough to not be bored with the amount of my tv shows that have returned to my television screen. I've been able to catch up with Teen Wolf, Pretty Little Liars and Millionare Matchmaker - the perfect combo when i'm feeling a bit sorry for myself. 

Yesterday and today it was back to health and back to work, and back to some new beautiful purchases. 

I've been on a bit of a splurging spree on myself to make myself feel a bit better… it's worked. 

Check out these beauties i've picked up over the last few days - they're beautiful. 

A lot are from Country Road as we have the most amazing stock in - I was pleasantly surprised as I returned to work. I highly recommend checking out your closest Country Road store or the online store (however not all stock is online yet) because we honestly have some B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L things in stock at the moment (clothes, shoes and bags). They're definitely worth checking out! 

On what i've purchased, I never thought i'd fall into the whole skort phenomenon but after seeing it on and seeing the perfect fit - I was sold. I'm also obsessing over this canvas tote from Colette. Admittedly, I have judged Colette in the past and I haven't really been into any of there stores however spotting this tote from across the shopping centre from Wittner's window - I had to have it. 

There's so many rad things in all the stores at the moment - all I can say is that i'm happily and readily embracing the start of Autumn. Happy shopping!


1. MAC Ruby Woo lipstick
2. Country Road mesh and silk top
3. Country Road jumper
4. Country Road skort
5. Country Road heels
6. Colette by Colette Haymen canvas tote

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