Thursday, January 2, 2014

time will tell

I'm currently blogging from the Executive Lounge at the Hilton, sipping on frothy tea and planning today's adventure with my Mother. We're thinking morning manicures, lunch at Mosman and maybe a shop in Paddington? The day will tell. 

These shots are from our first day here in Sydney (Monday). The selfies in the best selfie mirror ever, the awesome view from our room, the beautiful Strand Arcade, an amazing drawer, the very pretty wallpaper in the fitting rooms at General Pants Co. at Martin Place, and the most delicious toffee soufflĂ© in the world. 

I'm a bit behind on posting as I have so many photos to share! I'll most likely post again tonight to tell you all about my NYE adventures. 

I'm off now to pick up my wallets and diary from Louis Vuitton that I had stamped with H.L :)


Wearing: Veronica Maine top || Bardot shorts || Windsor Smith shoes || Dallas and Carlos necklace and cuff || Lovisa bracelet || Pandora and Antique rings || Louis Vuitton bag

Side Note: I have changed my blog name to BYLEAVEY from poisonedpale as I wanted to make my brand/blog more personal. 

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