Thursday, October 10, 2013

away we go

I bought this lovely cape (black and white again - I think I have an illness) tonight at late night from the new Indian Summer range at Glassons. It's so lovely and light and easy to wear, adding an additional touch of casual chic to any outfit. 

I apologise for not posting that much as I have just started year 12 and the work is already piling up. The last few days have been such a blur with getting Prelim exams back, discussing subjects and speaking of ATARS! Ahh!! It sounds so frightening at the moment but I plan on working my but off, so hopefully it will be a good year! Wish me luck!

Next week I head off to Odyssey which is our last camp ever at school and it's meant to be amazing. I've looked for this week ever since I started at this school… so that's like… 9 or 10 years now? haha and now it's finally next week! Every year the year 12's rave about how amazing it is but keep it extremely hush hush - i'm extremely excited :)

So yeah, you won't be hearing much from me after this post unless I decided to do a quick outfit post on the weekend when i'm out shopping for camp supplies. Maybe, maybe not - we'll see how I go. However after that the blog will be dead for about a week until I have RICKY MARTIN next Saturday night!! 

I have so much to look forward to at the moment, i'm keeping in good spirits and I hope you are too :)

Love to all. 


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