Friday, October 25, 2013

take me home

Hello lovely people, i've missed you! I apologise for my business and consequential lack of blogging however the last few weeks have been such a daze and a rush, some of the best weeks of my life. 

Firstly, i'll give you a short run down of Odyssey. 

Odyssey was my last school camp and it would have been easily one of the best weeks of my life. I was in the most amazing group with the girls Kate, Ella, Soph and Tess and the boys Bryce, Dela, Chris, Baines and also Mikaela, Patty, Corby, Charlie and Amelia. There was such a fantastic dynamic amongst the group with everyone happy to help each other out. The boys helped us girls our with loading our heavy packs and setting up/packing up tents; and in return the girls made most of the meals haha. We also had the amazing Mrs. Fleetwood as our teacher supervisor and we had the coolest camp instructor who looked like McLovin… so we called him McLovin. 

The week consisted of doing a challenge in the city, exploring/camping on Cockatoo Island, hiking in Mt. Kurringai, giant flying foxes, cycling 21km (and almost dying), attempting to canoe in gale force winds, chilling/partying/sleeping on a houseboat and much more. 

The highlight for me was spending the last afternoon and night all together as a group on the houseboat. We went swimming in Berowra waters, jumping off the house boat, Corby had his iPod plugged in so we had some amazing music blaring, and we had amazing hamburgers with chocolate cake. 

Odyssey was honestly one of the most amazing experiences of my life and it will stay with me forever. 

Then, after Odyssey on Saturday night I went to Ricky Martin with my mum. He is just as sexy in person and it was such a night well spent with Timomatic, thousands of crazy middle aged women and the latin sex god Ricky Martin. 

Now i'm finally up to my current post (you can see how busy I've been, let alone with school work as well). Last night I went to One Direction!!! They were so ridiculously amazing and each and every one of them is just as bloody sexy in person. I had 4th row tickets and got to go to the pre show soundcheck where the boys chilled in their trackies and answered our questions. It was an awesome experience. The boys were fantastic live (that's an understatement) and I still can't comprehend how incredibly good looking Harry Styles is (oh my god I almost died).

So yeah, this is just some quick snaps from the show (and of 5 Seconds of Summer who opened and were also amazing) and my outfit. I feel like I stood out a bit at the show with my pale skin and amount of clothing. I was surrounded by orange 12-14 year olds in bralettes and booty shorts. Not much was left to the imagination. Regardless, I had the most amazing time. 

Hope everyone is doing swell :)

Wearing: Bardot shorts // Country Road silk singlet and bag // One Teaspoon shirt // Wittner shoes // D&G watch // Dallas and Carlos cuff and necklace


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