Saturday, January 4, 2014

symphonies in my head

I experienced heart palpitations when I purchased this top that day from a store called Pond in Mosman. It's bloody Pierre Balmain (and you can't see it but it has it printed across the front) and it's bloody awesomeness is incomprehendable. It's baggy, it's cool and it's just basically badass (and it was on sale - bonus!). I could not be happier.

It was a chilled day with shopping in Mosman, delicious lunch at Pasta Zu and strolling round Balmoral beach. 

Sidenote: I apologise for like the only outfit posts on the blog from my holiday being selfies - i'll make it up to you xx


Wearing: Pierre Balmain tee || Country Road skort || Louis Vuitton bag || Dallas and Carlos necklace and cuff || Marc Jacobs watch || Antique and Pandora rings

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