Tuesday, February 11, 2014

i spy

I apologise for the extremely long absence on my part. I've either been consumed by work or buried under a mountain of school work. I'm literally either in my school uniform at the moment, running late for work in head to toe Country Road or dumping my bag as I get home and smearing my makeup off my face… therefore literally zero outfit posts have been taken. I'm working this weekend so i'll hopefully make it up to you guys - i'll try my hardest.

I've thrown myself into my school work at the moment to try and maximise the amount of work i'm getting done as the demand is at a constant increase. 

Just as the weather began cooling down, it's back to miserable mugginess. 

Right now i'm enjoying watching the Winter Olympics in Sochi, and reading about four books for school simultaneously. 

Shown: Country Road boots, clutch and tee || Marc Jacobs watch || Pandora rings

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