Saturday, January 18, 2014


One of my beautiful best friends Mad.

Jay, Nick and Mad.

The Ladiez - Em, myself and Mad.
This is the teahouse at the gallery! How cute is it! Jay seems to like it.

Jay and Mad.

Today was by far one of the best days i've had in a while.

I headed down with some of my best friends (Mad, Jay, Em, Nick and Josh) in my art class and our two beautiful art teachers to see the SERVE THE PEOPLE exhibit in the White Rabbit Gallery in Chippendale, Sydney. We had to write an essay on it last term so it was great to see the works after learning so much about them through a computer screen. The images i'd seen prior by no means conveyed the impressiveness of the work's magnitude and just shear quality and wow-factor. 

My favourite works would have to be two of the works i've shown here - the textile and fabric work that brought a sort of tapestry to 3D life with amazing and mesmerising colour, and the room installation containing the miscellany of printed cards and the broken statue of Mao Ze Dong. These were just two of the amazing and impressive works. 

It was great to be able to wander around the gallery, talking about the ever so daunting HSC and our possibilities however in such an inspiring and relaxing atmosphere. 

If you're in the Chippendale area i'd highly recommend going to the exhibit as it's only got a few weeks left. 

After the gallery we headed to a cute Chinese restaurant which was beautiful (and we may or may not have become VIP's while we were there - no biggie :P). The interior was gorgeous with blacks and browns and the food was even better! I also learnt how to use chopsticks properly! This was a big moment for me after failing to pick up my dumplings correctly my entire life haha

We then ended up down at the Rocks, strolling around and soaking up the sun on this beautiful Sydney day on the harbour. 

All in all, it was a beautiful day - just what I needed to get my head away from my desk and out into the fresh air. 


I'm going to be starting a youtube channel, which will be featuring videos of me giving you guys ALL things fashion. However, my first video will be of some footage I shot today! So stay tuned and i'll be posting the link around everywhere once everything's sorted. 


Wearing: Adidas mens tee || Country Road skort and bag || Windsor Smith shoes || Dallas and Carlos necklace || Lovisa bracelet || Pandora and Antique rings

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